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At optometry@cooroy our goal is to provide the best eyewear for our patients’ visual needs & lifestyle.   


A new and exciting innovation in spectacle lens design which takes into consideration how the eyes work together. The Shaw Lens technology has been designed to solve the age old optical problem of aniseikonia.

Aniseikonia exists when the size of the image through the spectacle lens is different for each eye. It commonly occurs when the eyes have significantly different prescriptions and can result in eye strain, headaches and even double vision.   

As well as being used for adults we have found the Shaw lenses particularly beneficial for our younger patients with refractive amblyopia. In addition to vision therapy Shaw lenses are allowing us to provide NO PATCH treatment.

For more information about Shaw Lenses ask our optometrists or click here.


We choose every model frame on our shelves ourselves from both designer and independent lines. It is important to us that we provide a wide choice of style, fashion and durability in our frames with an awareness of the varied budgets of our clientele. Most of our frames are backed by a 24 month manufacturing warranty.

Due to our optometrists’ interest in behavioural optometry and children’s vision care we also have an extensive range of children’s frame for all sizes and budgets.

At optometry@cooroy we take pride in helping you find the perfect frame for your taste and style.


There are many new, and we feel exciting, developments in spectacle lens technology.  Lenses can be made thinner and lighter than ever before. Clarity and field of vision can be enhanced. We are prescribing the latest lenses designed specifically to relax and protect your eyes from the use of digital screens.

Premium free form multifocal lenses can be highly individualised to meet the unique needs and lifestyle of our patients, offering easier adaptability and are more comfortable to wear because technology takes into account head, eye movement and posture.

There have been further improvements in light-sensitive lenses (Transitions) so that they darken and lighten more quickly and more effectively and in a wider range of colours.

Scratch-resistant coatings are standard on all our lenses and we also highly recommend anti-reflective coatings to reduce glare and reflections allowing optimal lens performance and improved appearance. The newest anti-reflective coatings are far easier to clean and are extremely hard-wearing. There are even Anti-Fog coatings available.

We are also offering the newest “blue-light blocking” coatings which reflect blue wavelengths of light from electronic devices.  

As independent optometrists we are free to source our spectacle lenses from the best manufacturers available in Australia including Essilor, CR-Surfacing, Hoya & Zeiss laboratories. We can also source unusual speciality lenses from smaller laboratories if required.

All of our supporting staff are qualified optical dispensers and look forward to discussing with you the best lenses for your specific needs.

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We have a wide range of prescription sunglass options including premium polarised lenses from Maui Jim, Zeal (with lenses produced by Maui Jim) and Drivewear. Bill Bass is our newest and most popular range of sunglasses. Or you may prefer our more economical Maze or Capri polarised packages. Economical prescription sunglasses for children are also available.

Of course you are not limited to “sunglass” frames as we can also dispense prescription sunglass lenses in single vision, multifocal or bifocal forms in polarized or tinted forms into most of our fashion frames.


As well as eye examinations, optometry@cooroy are happy to provide spectacle and contact lens dispensing services for eligible Veterans’ Affairs patients.

We are also one of the few remaining local optometric practices continuing to act as a dispensing agent for MASS - Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme.

MASS provides a range of free basic spectacles for eligible Queenslanders (Pension card, Health Care Card for at least 6 months). Currently eligibility to apply under the scheme is once every 2 years. For further information on this scheme go to www.health.qld.gov.au/mass.


Around 116,000 Australians present to emergency departments and GPs every year with eye injuries! For those presenting to emergency departments, the most common place for injury to occur was at home (37%) followed by the workplace (29%).

optometry@cooroy is proud to supply the award winning Australian designed and manufactured IC Safety System. This is a patented system providing economical prescription-ready safety eyewear and enables the user to simply release the prescription lenses from their frames and re-insert them into new protective frames should the need arise.

Safety eyewear should be considered a must for the home handyman. Ask to see our prescription ready safety eyewear range.